Thursday, December 18, 2014

My awkward muffins

I am not much of a baker.

But I admit that when I see those decadent cakes and pastries in the making, I feel like doing it too.

I think it is mostly because they are lovely, and I drool over lovely things especially when it involves some degree of creativity.

I have discovered a baking shop near my office the other day, Bagus Seksyen 13 (I know, I know, you bakers have known about this shop gazillions years ago) and it has completely charmed me and turned me into this little awkward baker.

How can a woman NOT shop for anything when in that darn store? I mean, gold and silver beads that you can eat?? And chocolate buttons?? T_T

So this is what happened the other day when I came out of that shop with some premixed flour and a basket full of sugary goodness. Anddd..after a little struggle in the kitchen with my weighing scale that have ran out of battery because I have not used it for like a year, d'uh:

Meet my quirky, sloppily glazed and downright "senget" muffins. Thehehe.

I had Bella to help me sprinkle those colourful things on top. She loved doing it, of course, but as usual she would not have a taste. Pffft...

Anyway, the idea was to actually make use of some oranges that I have in the kitchen, so I added some orange zest and fresh orange juice into the batter. It turned out pretty tasty (its a premixed flour, it BETTER taste good!), albeit being "improvised" with my oranges.

OK so this baking thing - its addictive.

I have a mix of butter cake and chocolate moist waiting patiently in my pantry, complete with a set of cupcake cases and piping bags for me to make use of.

Let's see how it turns out soon. I promise I'll post about it even if it turns out a disaster. Heheh.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Of Ninja Turtles and Dora

We are TV people. We love the TV - series, movies, documentaries, cartoons. It is entertaining, and despite what people might judge about me being a bad mom for letting my child watch TV, it is to a certain extent, educational.

So it's only natural that Bella also has turned into a TV buff like me, especially.

Currently she is quite a huge fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and like a dream come true, last Saturday 29th December, she finally had the chance to meet the turtles in-person.

It was an exclusive screening party of Nickelodeon 2015 series at Cathay Cineplex, E-Curve, where besides the turtles, we had a chance to meet Dora too!

Bella was even willing to wake up and bathe early because of that (usually she gets lazy on the weekends, LOL).

So the screening was actually to introduce the new lineup of cartoon and reality shows scheduled to be aired in 2015, including the two series that we had a chance to preview:

Alvin and the Chipmunks series. Apparently they look more human-ish in this series, but they still have that cutesy little voice. They are kinda funny and quirky too, as usual.

Our personal favourite - Dora and Friends Into the City. Obviously, this Dora is different because she is all grown-up, and she has more human friends heheh (and they are so pretty too!). However, it is good that the series maintained the problem-solving and musical concept that we always see in the little Dora series. The music was catchy too, Bella and I actually grooved to the tunes when we were watching it.

Patiently waiting for her turn to meet Dora

Bella and Dora. I felt like hugging Dora too hahaha..

Giving Donnie a high-3 (y'know coz they are turtles, lol). Bella was too starstruck I guess, she was a little shy. Haha

Really excited to finally have that mask!
The event was fun with lots of people and activities too. Thanks Nickelodeon for the invitation, we really enjoyed it!

So if you are an Astro subscriber, don't forget to tune to Nickelodeon Channel 612 to enjoy their exciting new shows next year. Here are another few to look forward to:

Oggy and the cockroaches new episodes!
  • Two-hour marathon premiere on Thursday, 1 January 1.15pm (MY)
  • Regular timeslot on weekdays from Monday, 5 January at 6.05pm (MY)

Wanda and the Alien (aren't they adorable?? I love illustrations like this)

  • Premieres on Nick Jr. on 26 Jan at 11am (Mondays to Saturdays).

There are loads more in line, visit their website here to find out more!

Monday, December 08, 2014

Here comes the loud mom.

I have to admit, I am loud mom.

The kind that shouts for her offspring, especially in public places. Maybe you have come across my species (is there many out there by the way?) - we call for our children all the time, because it happens that they are the kind that wants to explore the world at their own pace, and could not care less about their surroundings.

"Bella! Jommm!"

"Bella, come back here!!"

"OK Bella we're done, come on now!"

"Nooooo! Don't pull the cat's tail!"

"This way Bella, left turn, left turn!"


I have found out that calling out loud works. It helps me stay in control of my child too, God knows how awful it feels to lose sight of your child.

I may be annoying, but hey I am just a mom doing my job. I do feel people judging me sometime, but whatever lah.

So what works for you when you are out and about? How do you keep your children at bay? Are you a loud mom like me too?

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Air-fried chicken chop

It has been a while since I posted recipes here. I wish I could do more of it, so that this blog won't be only about my parenting stories and all.

But he truth is, yes, my life right now is mostly about being a mom to my kids. Although, I swear there are many other things that I love to do too, like reading, writing, going shopping, drinking coffee, organizing...

...and cooking.

I do love cooking, I think the reason how I could actually cook despite being so tired at the end of the day is because I actually love doing it.

It's like a therapy (minus the cleaning part of course. Come on, nobody likes to clean up mess. LOL). I don't think about other things when I cook, all I do is focus on the food and its like a liberation because most of the time I have thousands of things running in my mind.

So anyway, just thought that I should share this little "discovery" that I have made about my air-fryer.

The other day, I bought a few packs of frozen chicken chops and I tried to fry it with the air-fryer. It turned out perfect to me – the skin was fried to a crispy perfection, but the flesh was still juicy and tender.

The good thing is, I did not have to watch it as it cooks (compared to grilling on the stove), and I can use only little oil.

Om nom nom. Yum!

I had it with some green salad, some leftover coleslaw and mushroom gravy.

The marinate for the chicken was easy peasy:

Minced garlic
Salt and pepper
Oyster sauce
Olive oil

As for the mushroom gravy, I think you’d better Google it since mine was not worth a recommendation haha…

So if you have an air-fryer and never tried this, maybe you should now :)

P/S: I have posted about my experience with an air-fryer before, together with a Chicken Cajun recipe, if you would like to give it a try too.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Getting crafty with Bella

Having a preschooler around means one thing - they have loads of energy.

Gone are the days when she naps on the same time every day, these days she just naps when she feels like it. Most of the time is spent on doing things. The "messier" the thing is for me, the more fun it is for her.

One minute she tells me she is going to school on her scooter, and another minute she is busy building a fort with the laundry pile.

So, when I could no longer stand the mess I figured that it was time for me to make use of my craft stash (one that I have kept for too long actually, waiting for me to finally find time!).

The idea came randomly, what I did was google for animal patterns on the internet for me to sketch and cut, and we were done :)

Here is what you need:

A set of cork mats (bought it from IKEA)
Colourful felt clothes (bought it from Daiso)
A very sharp scissor (makes cutting the felt easier)
PVA Glue (I bought ours from Mothercare)
Googly eyes (I bought them from Spotlight)
Colourful pompoms (also from Spotlight)
Animal patterns (cat, bunny, owl)  (you can google it for reference)

Here is how we did it (its not that complicated, really) :

1) Draw the pattern of the animals of your choice on the felt. Make sure it fits the cork mat size.

2) Cut the pattern out and stick it on the cork mat with PVA glue (have your preschooler do it, this is where the fun part is!)
Tip: DO NOT freak out if the position is funny. Guide them gently and let them be the creative master, lol.

3) Stick the googly eyes to make the eyes and use the pompoms to decorate too.

4) Once done, think of a place to mount them. In our case, I use them to fancy up Bella's play area downstairs.

That's about it. Get crafty now and have fun! :)
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