Sunday, March 30, 2014

19 weeks, and still praying for #MH370

22 days since we lost #MH370.

The past few weeks and until today has been emotional, generally to Malaysians and particularly to the people affected directly by the lost - friends and families.

I could not imagine putting myself in their shoes, even until today there is a certain degree of uncertainty and loose ends, which will not go away until anything solid has been found.

Like the rest of us, I have been following the story very closely. I could not help but let myself drown in the emotions, there was even a time when my tears flow so easily every time I hear the news.

It's unhealthy for my pregnancy but  anyway I guess we all feel the same way too. #MH370 hit very close to home, it's an airline that we are proud of, with our fellow countrymen and women in it.

I am not going to rant about how I am so disgusted with the outside world, trying to poke us with their scandalous and ridiculous accusations. Whatever it is, as a true Malaysian we should not let this happen to us and it is time to defend our nation in any way we can.

I mean, yes, internally we do have some complaints and towards each other especially related to politics and economy, but lets put that aside for the time being and be supportive instead.

It's really the time for us to hold hands now, to continue praying for #MH370, for Malaysia and the SAR mission to finally achieve what they are set for.


19 weeks.

On another note, I am close to completing 5 months of pregnancy.

My tummy however, does not seem to show it very well. I constantly get comments that its small for 19 weeks. I am also puzzled, but because I think it is BIG.

Maybe it is because I still manage to hide it under my normal clothes, its not like I have not grown in size, but I guess most of my normal clothes are loose and spacey ones.

Oh well, I am not complaining. I am happy that so far I am able to not let such comments put me down. Like, whatever :)

My aches has come earlier though. Familiar aches on my pubic bone and lower back emerged since a few weeks back, Dr Idora told me it is normal for them to come by earlier. Sigh.

Other than that and getting tired so easily, I think I am so far well off, Alhamdulillah.

Tomorrow is my next check-up. High chances that the doc will be able to tell the gender. I am all for knowing - I mean, come on already, Mommy needs to decide what colour to buy now. Haha.

Speaking of which, I have not really made any list for shopping yet (is it time now? But what should I buy? We have everything already!)

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Parenting Euphoria

A few nights ago, I was wearing a heart-printed pyjama pants to bed. Bella, who is currently as tall as my thighs noticed the cute patterns and mentioned it to me.

She really has a flair for words and questions these days. I did not see the “why, where, what, who, how” phase coming this early, but apparently it is already here. And let me tell you, she also loves to make remarks about people and things around her too. I am pretty sure that it is another normal developmental milestone for a pre-schooler, so I am trying my best to teach her about diversity in people and the universe.

Anyway, back to the heart-print pants story. So, she was mentioning about how cute the pattern was and how it amuses her. As usual, I took some time to respond and give her some acknowledgement on her newfound muse.

As I was about to move on (I was actually walking towards the bedroom door), suddenly she gave me a big fat hug on my thighs which stopped me on my tracks.

“I love you mommy”, she said while hugging my thighs tightly, complete with a face that convinced me that it comes from the bottom of her heart.

“Awwww…I love you too Bella”, I said, holding back my tears.

I was taken aback really, but flattered at the same time. All the tiredness of the day seemed to me something so minute to me, it all faded away to a distant horizon, so to speak.


It’s amazing how these little people surprise us. It felt like God was sending His grace through a child, reminding us to never, even for one minute, regret our decisions to build a family and become a parent.

Some people may choose not to have any child in their lives, as they prefer to live free without such a huge commitment. “I am enjoying my life the way it is”, they say. Well, I respect that choice.

But if you ask me what they are missing out, I’d answer that it is this euphoria.

P/S: My prayers go out to my friends and family who are struggling to have a child of their own. I pray that God gives them a gift of child soon, because I know that these people are ready to be a good parent that a child would deserve.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


11 weeks.

Finally, we visited the OB for my first prenatal checkup. To be honest I have been counting days to this visit, I just could not wait to take a look at the little baby growing inside my womb. Sometimes I question myself whether I am sure that I am pregnant or not – it seems so surreal that I am pregnant again. Haha.

I decided to meet Dr Idora of Pantai Kuala Lumpur Hospital. She is one of the doctors who are supportive of natural and gentle birthing. Turned out she was a sweet lady with a soft voice; she almost made me speak in whispers (so not me!). She was very informative too, explained things in detail and gave me reasons why she does this and that.

I asked her whether I am eligible for waterbirth. She was more on the no side, since I am a VBAC mom and it’s crucial for her to have easy access to monitor the baby and I. I was expecting a similar answer too, so yeah, I guess I can live with that. She said natural birth is totally OK, so that will do. She is even OK with birth plans too.

So this confirmed everything:

Aww..there you are! This little beanie has a nice heartbeat and everything else seems to be just right. Alhamdulillah. Dr Idora said that my placenta is a bit low, but there is nothing to worry yet as it should climb up as the pregnancy progresses (this happened when I was preggy with Bella too).

Dr Idora waited a while to show us how the baby moves. As if on cue it did a nice somersault-like movement, very close to how Bella shifts in bed when she is asleep. Kinda like the sister already, this one. Heheh.

A warm and fuzzy feeling came onto me and I fell in love all over again.

I was smitten for the rest of the day. Whenever I recalled that moment I smiled to myself like a crazy woman. Haha.

I am due on 29 August 2014. Come to think of it, it is just another 6 months to go. Gahhh….

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Do you have a special experience you always wanted for your child?

Last time I have posted about my new resolution to spend more quality time with little Bella.

Alhamdulillah, things have gone well so far. I have to admit that I do skip some nights (these days the only thing that I want to do is sleep), but as a whole picture I do see that we have made quite a progress. It’s definitely a good thing to stick to.

By the way, how about you? Have you given a thought on what your “Today Moment” is?

If yes, here is some good news – if you have a resolution and want to make it work harder for you, why not join me in the below contest:
Prizes to be won:

Early Bird prize x 100:

Entry tickets (2 adults & 2 kids) to Legoland Malaysia worth RM540 each

Grand Prize x 100:

A special experience for the parent and child worth up to RM10,000 each.

So here is what you gotta do:
  1. Purchase any participating Friso Gold product – Frisomum Gold, Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4 (any size)
  2. Tell Friso Gold one special experience (big or small) that you have always want to do together with your child but have not been able to and why.
  3. Complete your personal particulars.
  4. Attach proof of purchase (original Friso Gold scoop from any participating product) to contest form
  5. Mail to PO Box :
Friso Gold “Our Today Moments” Contest, 
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Interesting eh?
This contest opens from 13 Jan – 28 Feb 2014.
Still plenty of time to think of what you have always wanted to do with your child. Along the way, make one Our Today Moment resolution like mine and most importantly, try to keep it consistent!
Click below to find out more information about this contest:
Good luck guys! :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baking a bun in the oven. Again.

I am sorry for losing personal touch with this blog. My last few posts were still from my heart, but I wish I have written something more personal like I used to.

Anyway, I am not sure if you already know, but Alhamdulillah, I am now 9 weeks pregnant. Yes, it’s the first trimester. My new best friend is my bed and my pillows, and surprisingly my comfort food these days are cold juicy fruits, especially when I am feeling all queasy and nauseous. I also have some trouble sleeping, this time I have very vivid dreams and always wake up in the middle of the night. Thanks, hormones.

I tried to continue with my exercises and all, but I have to surrender for the moment because at the end of the day my eyes are droopy and I find myself not wanting anything but crawl on to bed (not even dinner!). If it is not for Bella, I think I would have dozed off as early as 7pm.

Bella has been a sweetheart with the pregnancy news so far. She is a little clingy nowadays, but it’s still manageable. I find myself already missing her, so these 9 months I will do my best to enjoy giving her my full attention before the baby comes.

She seems to understand that I have a baby growing in my tummy. Every time she accidentally knocked on my tummy she would say sorry to the baby. How sweet.

I have not been to the OBGYN yet, but I will do soon. I am looking forward to try for a natural and vaginal birth (VBAC); I hope Allah eases my way and make it possible. It has to start with getting myself informed and choosing a supportive doctor.

I admit that I am a pro-choice mother. I prefer to be informed of my options – the risks and the benefits. If possible, I always want things go the way nature intended it to be. So, I am open to the idea of gentle birthing with unnecessary interventions. I want to do it, if I am capable to.

Some people do not understand why I am supportive about gentle birthing. I guess if they open up and take some time to listen to how I felt about my previous pregnancy and birthing experience (or the reasons of other moms who has the same experience as me), then maybe they would understand. It’s not like I am banning the idea of doctors and hospitals though, I do feel that we all still need their expertise when it is needed.

Home-birth? Nah, I am not going that way. So don’t worry, heheh.

Baby is just the size of an olive now. I hope it will grow strong and safe inside my womb, and I can’t wait to get past 12 weeks!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go munch on some strawberries pronto.
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