About Me

Hello there, and welcome to my humble abode :)

My name is Ayuni, although most of the time I use my online name, Yunayuni. It's OK you can call me either way :)

I am a mommy blessed with a beautiful little daughter named Engku Salsabila and a son named Engku Khaleeli. I currently live in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia with my wonderful husband and my kids.

I do freelance writing for a career and am at home most of the time. I enjoy sewing, cooking and baking for my family, and hoarding stationeries for my personal journal. I love listening to people's stories and spreading positive vibes to people around me whenever I can.

I discovered blogging back in 2005, when I was doing my internship for my degree studies. I have been blogging actively ever since, and it has become a passionate thing for me. I have always had an interest in writing too, so this blog has helped me keep my creative juices flowing.

Throughout my years of blogging I have watched myself grow, from a carefree and busy student, to joining the workforce, getting married and becoming a mother. You may also have discovered this if you went through my Archives, since most of my writings are kept here in Blogger. I moved platform once too, here at Wordpress. Then I moved back to Blogger again, and here I am still standing.

I hope you enjoy my writings, as much as I enjoy sharing it.

I look forward to keeping this blog for a long long time, and making new acquaintances in the process, In sha Allah.

If you feel like saying hi, please, by all means, do drop me a line at my email btflbright@gmail.com or feel free to leave a comment. I will always try to reply you, although sometimes it may take a little while because most of the time my hands are full offline!

Take good care!

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